Self is an experimental programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems and Stanford University in the early 90's. It was used for language, UI and implementation research. The original Self system is available form Sun for Sparc and Mac machines.

The goal of this project is to bring the Self System to the PC.

This project uses code (mainly the i386 assembler and parts of the NIC) from an earlier Linux port started by Gordon Cichon in 1999.


2007/06/07:A VMware® Virtual Appliance with Self/x86 0.2.4 installed on Ubuntu Linux is available for download.

2002/12/08: Version fixes a bug in cygwin VM, which occured when the default text file type is set to DOS. In that case the previous version failed with the message 'Snapshot is corrupt ... '.

2002/12/08: Version 0.2.4 is available.
This version adds support for Cygwin environment on Microsoft® Windows® operating system. See the status page for details.

2002/11/01:Version 0.2.3 is available. It is based on the latest version 4.1.6 from Sun.
This version also contains an experimental version of the optimizing compiler (SIC). See the status page for details.

2002/6/28: Version 0.2.2 is available. The reason for this release is mainly to get in sync with the latest version of Self from Sun. It is based on the sources of Self 4.1.5. It also contains some bugfixes and should run more stable than the previous versions.

2001/12/30: Version 0.2.1 is available. This is a minor bugfix release, most notably it allows runing Self on a display with 16 bit colordepth (See ChangeLog for details).
I'm currently working on the SIC, an optimizing compiler. When finished, it should offer much better performance of the VM.

2001/12/20: alpha release of Self for Linux.

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